4 Simple Steps – How to Generate Real Income From Internet Marketing

Are you fulfilling your Internet marketer’s dream? Do you have the freedom to do what you love, money in the bank, and your family provided for? Or are you like the majority of Internet marketers chasing the next sale, click or visitor all the hours of the day? You already know that working harder is not the answer because doing more of the same will bring more of the same results. And, yes, the old cliche of working smarter not harder definitely applies. But how do you turn a cliche into tangible reality?

Where is the switch? How do you turn this struggle into finally making money on the Internet easy?

The key is in the next question:

Are you Selling on the Internet or are you an Internet Marketer?

The difference is crucial, and understanding it fully is the first simple step that will give you the chance to change your fortune. Before you rush to dismiss this as hype or empty talk, let’s think about it for a moment. Selling on the Internet has given all those who chase the next sale, who yearn for the next click or hunt down yet another visitor to their site a twelve to fourteen hour job seven days a week. The one difference to their life before the Internet is that they are now their own boss.

What is the next logical step? Buying the next shiny new thing, the latest whizz-bang gizmo that will speed your activities up, automate everything and provide you with the one, hitherto elusive button that you just have to push to turn your computer into a cash machine. We have all been there. The difference between those who finally made it and the rest is the one simple step, the transformation from Internet Seller into Internet Marketer.

Marketing on the Internet is a fundamentally different animal. Marketing turns your activity on the Internet into a business, a business with framework and structure, a business with purpose. It is this approach that allows you to maximise your productive time, free up your day and go about achieving your goals systematically.

Effecting the transformation from Internet Seller to Internet Marketer requires you to implement 4 simple steps:

1. Keep everything as simple as you possibly can.
2. Build an Internet Marketing campaign from the ground up.
3. Design you offer funnel.
4. Develop a traffic generation strategy.

These four steps are interwoven. You cannot keep your business simple without building everything from the ground up. Why? If you don’t build it up systematically, sooner or later you’ll have to start improvising to patch up holes or stop gaps. That’s when the structure starts going out of joint and chasing time and money will take over again.

Equally, without a clearly designed product offer, and this is independent of whether you are a product creator or an affiliate marketer, your campaign will turn from structure into patchwork, which will take you back to where you came from. In conclusion, transforming your business from an Internet selling into an Internet Marketing business and implementing the four key steps together is the key to generating real income from your Internet business.

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